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  • CBD oil treats pets ailments

    HUDSON HEIGHTS — Some of the CBD’s industry’s biggest consumers aren’t even human. They are pets! Last year, the sale of CBD pet products quadrupled to $32 million, according to the Brightfield Research Group. And our changemaker  is a leading lady in unleashing CBD products to help heal our animals. The dogs come running to her for relief. Angela Ardolino is a holistic pet expert who created CBD Dog Health, which treats a host of ailments. “Stress, anxiety, fear – […]

  • Stories from the Heart: Paul Rudd raises thousands of dollars to help kids who stutter

    HELLS KITCHEN — More than 70 million people stutter, including 5 percent of all children. It’s a speech impediment that can be isolating. But the Stuttering Association for the Young is changing that and has celebrities coming out in force to help give back voices meant to be heard. The celebrities hit the bowling alley to give support to children who stutter. For some, like Alex Brigthman, who is starring in Beetlejuice on Broadway, the cause hits close to home. […]

  • First New York public school created for dyslexic children

    STATEN ISLAND — Parents desperate to get their children with dyslexia the daily instruction they needed went out on their own to solve the problem. These changemakers, along with advocates and elected leaders, helped to create a one of a kind public school that is now leading the way in learning. Welcome to Bridge Preparatory charter school in Staten Island. This is the only public school in New York that caters to children with dyslexia, a learning disorder that can […]

  • The comedy queen behind Carolines on Broadway

    THEATER DISTRICT — The 16th annual New York Comedy Festival kicked off Monday! The week-long event featuring over 200 top comedians is being hosted at dozens of venues throughout the five boroughs. The woman behind it? Caroline Hirsch, the owner of Carolines on Broadway. Her iconic comedy club sits in the heart of Times Square.  Jay Leno, Jerry Seinfeld, Leslie Jones, Judd Apatow and Tina Fey are just a few names that have worked the stage there. Even a teenage […]

  • Metro-North lost and found may have your items

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan — Have you ever been on the train, put a bag overhead and forgot it? It happens countless times a day! But all hope is not lost. We’re taking you inside the Metro-North Lost and Found where thousands of items are recovered and ready for your retrieval. It’s iconic, the hustle and bustle of Grand Central Terminal. Underground in between tracks 100 and the Police Department is a ray of light for many, the Metro-North Lost and Found. […]

  • 86-year-old NYC marathon runner finds the fountain of youth

    HOWARD BEACH, Queens — One New York City marathoner may have discovered the fountain of youth, running! At 86 years young, she’s a racked-up records, and is currently the fastest in her age group. What fuels this master runner? Mr. G headed to Howard Beach to find out. Ginette Bedard is training for her 17th New York City marathon. She ran her first marathon when she was 69 years old. She currently holds the U.S. marathon record for women ages […]

  • Changemakers: Book drive for incarcerated teens in the Bronx

    THE BRONX — In the digital age, books are being requested by teens! It may be surprising to hear but these teens are behind bars in the Bronx and two women have made it their mission to provide them with books that may one day change their lives. There can be a lot of idle time when you’re a teen in a detention center and books are key. Mia Abrahams is a youth justice coordinator, working directly with teens at […]

  • Ruby Love’s innovative products are helping women and girls of all ages

    MIDTOWN MANHATTAN — One local woman’s frustration led her to a $10 million business. Crystal Etienne created an underwear and swimwear line with leak-proof protection, and many are calling it a “life-changer.” Crystal started Ruby Love when she found there were no products on the market geared towards pad users, and for people who — she says — did not want to insert a foreign object into their body. So 4 years ago, she invested 25-thousand-dollars of her own money, quit […]

  • Green Keepers keep the city beautiful while turning their lives around

    UPPER WEST SIDE, Manhattan — They keep the city green and clean and you see them year around at various parks. The Green Keepers are a special group given a life-changing chance at starting fresh. The Green Keepers are hard at work at the Broadway Malls keeping them beautiful for all to enjoy. Goddard Riverside’s Green Keepers employs people with special needs. Deborah Kaplan, director of employment at Goddard Riverside, says she manages a special group. “The people we work […]

  • Behind the scenes of ‘The Mel Robbins Show’

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan — She’s the most booked female speaker in the world and now she’s bringing her message to the masses with her new TV show! ‘The Mel Robbins Show’ kicks off Monday, Sept. 16 and Tamsen Fadal went on a “behind the scenes” tour of her studio and found out how this Changemaker is going to help you get the life you deserve. What’s going to set her apart from every other talk show? Mel says the audience will be […]

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