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Kristina Behr is an on-air reporter and digital reporter, and has been a part of the PIX11 News team for almost 10 years wearing various hats.

After earning a BS from Boston University in Broadcast Journalism, she worked behind the scenes in production for MTV, Vh1, ABC, CBS, and White Cherry Productions.

She started off at the station in 2004 working as an Entertainment Producer for the “WB11 Morning News,” while also filling in as a traffic reporter in Air 11 and in-studio.

Kristina previously worked as an on-air entertainment and news talent at FiOS1 News, News 12 Networks, and as a digital reporter for and Zazoom Networks.

Her digital stories have appeared on numerous platforms including AOL, Yahoo!, Huffington Post, and NDN.

After rubbing shoulders numerous times with Tom Cruise (he literally comes up to her shoulders) and being kissed by Liam Neeson (true story,) Kristina has hundreds of red carpet interviews and press junkets under her belt, and is an established on-air talent who has made her mark in the world of celebrity culture as well as news.

Recently, Kristina was the co-host of the nationally syndicated lifestyle talk show “The Better Show.”

Originally from East Brunswick, New Jersey, Kristina currently lives in the Bronx.

Recent Articles
  • Cow escapes slaughterhouse, leads Texas cops on 2-hour chase

    WEATHERFORD, Texas — A cow escaped a slaughterhouse in Texas and led police on a two-hour chase, that ended outside of a Taco Bell. Police in Weatherford, Texas, caught the unusual pursuit on a dash cam as it ran past cars on a busy roadway. After escaping from a slaughter house, the steer ran for freedom for about 90 minutes. The video went viral on Facebook with more than 6 million views. The steer was eventually roped and wrangled by one of the […]

  • Assault on 83-year-old Korean woman not being investigated as hate crime

    LOS ANGELES — The assault on 83-year-old Korean woman by another woman reportedly yelling “white power” before running off is not being investigated as a hate crime. Police were called to the corner of Western Avenue and Council streets in Central Los Angeles and witnesses say that the suspect punched the elderly woman in the back of her head causing her to fall to the ground. She suffered a 1-inch cut to her cheek and had pain in her knee. But […]

  • Samantha Bee to host anti-White House Correspondents Dinner on same night as the real event

    WASHINGTON, D.C. — Dubbed the nerd prom, the White House Correspondents Dinner is the go-to party of the year for not only journalists but celebrities, too. This year, however, the White House may have some competition. Samantha Bee will be throwing her own party on April 29, the same night as the annual bash thrown by the White House. The host of Full Frontal With Samantha Bee is calling it the “Not the White House Correspondents Dinner” and proceeds will benefit […]

  • Vespa introduces a robot designed to carry groceries

    NEW YORK — Your days of schlepping groceries home may soon be a thing of the past. Meet GITA, a robot designed to carry cargo-like groceries and follow around a pedestrian or a cyclist. Created by the folks at Vespa — yes the same people that design those fun little scooters — GITA is aimed to help consumers with their mundane chores. Gita is the first creation from the the Italian companies Boston-based division called “Piaggio Fast Forward.” It stands about 2 […]

  • Lego launches kid-friendly social platform

    Lego is going social, launching a free iOS and Android app called “Lego Life.” It’s a social platform that allows children under the age of 13 to share photos of their Lego creations and watch animated videos. The service also provides features to prevent online bullying, includes anti-harassment tools, and only allows Lego-related content to be shared. Parents must confirm their kids’ accounts via email, and Lego Life moderators approve each post. For now, the social platform is for phones only […]

  • Florida middle school students thwart potential mass shooting

    Police in Florida are praising some middle school students who spoke up and potentially stopped a mass shooting at their school. A 13 and 14-year-old were arrested and are now facing charges after police say they threatened to attack the Villages Charter Middle School, about 60 miles west of Orlando. Had they not been arrested, police say it could have been deadly. According to the Sumpter County Sheriff’s Office, several students who alerted police say they were told by the accused teenagers […]

  • Hawaiian lawmaker wants to treat homelessness as disease

    HAWAII — When you think of Hawaii, you probably imagine palm trees, luaus, and Mai Tais. But many aren’t aware that the hot spot for tourism also has the highest per capita homeless population in the nation. In fact, back in October of 2015, the governor of Hawaii declared a state of emergency over the problem and passed tough criminal laws aimed at removing the homeless from beaches, parks and sidewalks. According to the “National Alliance to End Homelessness,” they […]

  • Sarasota parents overdose on heroin with kids in the backseat

    A Sarasota couple is now facing charges after they were found in a car, passed out from alleged drug overdoses with two small children in the backseat. Security footage at a Texaco gas station shows a black Chevrolet SUV stopping at one of the pumps but no one got out. Two hours later police and the fire department responded to an overdose call made by another customer after they spotted 36-year-old William Ballard and 32-year-old Delaney Crissinger slumped over in […]

  • Dashcam video shows train crashing into FedEx truck

    If you were waiting on an overnight Fedex delivery in Utah — you may be waiting for a while. Crazy dashcam video from Utah shows a train blasting through the trailer of a FedEx truck. Luckily there were no serious injuries in the crash, though the train was carrying passengers at the time. The video shows that the crossing gates were up, and the warning lights were *NOT* flashing at the time the truck crossed the railroad tracks. In a statement, […]

  • HP recalls batteries that may overheat and cause fires

    HP says it will provide a replacement battery for each verified, affected battery at no cost. For those of you who still use a PC laptop- listen up. HP is recalled more than 100-thousand batteries because they may overheat and cause fires. There was a previous battery recall back in June which affected 41-thousand batteries. The US Consumer Product Safety Commission reported only 1 accident stemming from an overheating computer battery- which resulted in about 1-thousand dollars in property damage. […]

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