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  • Bustle Digital Group editor-in-chief, Kate Ward, talks journalism, being female-focused and growing a brand

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan- “We’ve always been very proud of being able to speak to women the way they want to be spoken to,” Kate Ward said. Bustle Digital Group isn’t shy about being fiercely female. “It’s probably about 90 percent female and we’re so eager to spread all their voices,” she smiled. Comprising the media conglomerate are the massively popular websites: Bustle, Elite Daily and Romper.  “We’re not speaking to all Millennials as if they’re one singular person,” she explained. “What we’ve been […]

  • It’s a G Thing: Classic Thyme cooking school helps budding chefs develop technique in the kitchen

    WESTFIELD, New Jersey- From the stovetop to the oven the young chefs here are bringing the heat and the heart to the kitchen. “[I love this place] because you get to cook and hang out with friends” Eliana, a young chef, said. They learn how to slice, season and sauté using fresh ingredients and authentic recipes. They’re transported to Tuscany the moment they step inside ‘Classic Thyme’ cooking school in Westfield, NJ. “When you start to allow them to create something and something […]

  • Teen raises awareness about mental health through prestigious local film festival

    NEW YORK, NY- “I think it really started with the way my parents raised me,” Francesca Murdoch said. “I was told a lot of stories and always encouraged to follow my sort of artsy tendencies when I was little.”  Art imitates life for 16-year-old Murdoch.  “If I go out looking for inspiration, I tend not to find it,” she smiled. “It tends to sneak up on me and it’s usually the little things.” From the sketchbook to the stage to […]

  • Brooklyn graphic designer Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez creates change through comic books

    WILLIAMSBURG, Brooklyn- He’s changing the conversation one comic book at a time. From writing for Marvel to launching his own creative arts studio, Somos Arte, Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez knows the power of a story. I sat down with the Brooklyn-based graphic designer to see how is work is giving a voice to millions of americans. “I thought what if I could create a hero that is actually grounded in reality and actually addressing real world social issues,” Edgardo Miranda-Rodriguez said. It’s a […]

  • 3-time Olympic gold medalist, Gabby Douglas, shares what and who got her through tough times

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan- She flips, she flies and she fights to the finish. “They are heavy,” Gabby Douglas laughed when describing her Olympic medals. “They hurt your neck after a while.” Three-time Olympic gold medalist Gabby Douglas knows what it means to make history. “It’s like oh my gosh, I made it, all the hard work and sacrifices definitely paid off,” she smiled.  In 2012, she became the first person of color ever to win the individual all around event. “It’s just so […]

  • Music start-up gives children the opportunity to take lessons for free

    MIDTOWN, Manhattan — It’s the sound of possibility offered for free to students across the city. “It makes me feel so happy,” Cesar Rendon smiled. He’s only 8 years old but Cesar Rendon is a natural on the cello. “It looks like it’s heavy but it’s not actually heavy,” he laughed. Over the past year, he’s quickly learned song after song. “I already know, like, nine,” he bragged.   His talent is being groomed alongside his siblings with the help of […]

  • It’s a G Thing: 100-year-old veteran is longest-serving volunteer at Long Island hospital

    GREAT NECK, New York- Arthur Seidman is always on the move. “I’m going to the OR desk to pick up a form that I gave them to update,” he said. “I’ve been doing this now for 23 years, it’s a labor of love.” He’s 100 years old and is the longest-serving volunteer at Northwell Health. “I’m over 14,000 hours that I’ve given to the hospital.” His commitment is best displayed inside the surgical waiting area where he helps with paperwork and comforts […]

  • It’s a G Thing: Harlem’s National Dance Institute gives kids access to the arts

    HARLEM- The magic is in the movement for the tappers here at the National Dance Institute. “What was the feeling like when you first started?” I asked Aubrey. “It felt really fun,” he smiled. “I liked how they’re music makers on your feet.” This classic technique has completely consumed the life of 10-year-old Aubrey. “Every once in awhile my parents get a little bit annoyed that I’m still tap dancing at home,” he laughed.  He and all of the kids here are part […]

  • It’s a G Thing: Chefs cook up fun and furry friends at the Puppet Kitchen

    EAST VILLAGE, Manhattan — Play is the purpose here at the Puppet Kitchen. The chefs conceive, design and assemble these furry friends from scratch.  “This is where all the magic happens,” Eric Wright, co-founder, showed me. “Every puppet we build starts with a drawing and lots and lots of sketches. We use tons of different kinds of fabric, we use tons of different kinds of building materials, so we really use everything.” From local plays to TV shows to international productions, puppets […]

  • It’s a G Thing: NYC version of ‘Sharktank’ offers entrepreneurs the chance to pitch potential investors

    BROOKLYN, New York- Investing in inventors, that’s what Biztank is all about. “My main goal here is to help people,” Joel Klein said.  From candy and kids to health aides and kitchen products this digital show welcomes every type of idea. “We have had 40 presenters and at least half of them were granted either with an investment or with strategic help,” he said. Joel Klein came up with the Sharktank-like concept a couple years ago as a way to contribute capital […]

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