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  • Ten Commandment hikes teach Boy Scouts about religious tolerance

    LONG ISLAND — Over 350 people took to the streets on Long Island today, promoting good will to others and an understanding of all faiths. This is the 23rd year the Boy Scouts have held their annual Ten Commandments Hike, a full day of visiting different houses of worship to learn each one’s culture.

  • Teen from Gambia gets life saving heart surgery at LI hospital

    ROSLYN, NY — A teen from Gambia has a lot to the thankful for this Thanksgiving; the 14-year-old, born with a hole in his heart, just had a life-saving procedure done at a Long Island hospital. Ambrus Correa’s congenital heart defect made him too tired to play his favorite sport. He’s looking forward to getting to play soccer now. “After years of suffering from this debilitating condition, Ambrus can finally get some relief from his asthma and gain some weight […]

  • Up-close, embedded look at elite LI Guard unit training to rescue astronauts

    WESTHAMPTON, L.I. — Jumping out of planes and on to personal watercraft by parachute, from 3,500 feet — that’s just part of the life-risking activities that some elite airmen from our region engage in in order to save lives. And now that the U.S. is preparing to once again start launching Americans into space, members of the 103rd Rescue Squadron are now training to be one of the main organizations that rescues astronauts. “It’s probably the most noble mission,” said […]

  • LI school for children with disabilities hosts Veterans Day parade

    ALBERTSON, L.I. — A unique celebration for local veterans on Long Island Friday. The Henry Viscardi School lined its hallways with over 100 teachers and students as it hosted its inaugural Veterans Day parade. The uplifting event gave both children and veterans a lifetime memory.

  • Phones banned for the week at Adelphi University in critical thinking exercise

    GARDEN CITY, N.Y. — Adelphi University on Long Island is challenging its students to be unplugged from their phones for one full week. The experiment is part of the curriculum at Adelphi University and its goal is to help students critically think about their use of social media. Photojournalist Keith Lopez has the story in the video above.

  • Long Island’s smallest babies celebrate Halloween at hospital

    Some of Long Island’s tiniest babies celebrated Halloween in style on Thursday at NYU Winthrop Hospital. The neonatal intensive care unit held their third annual costume contest. Some of the babies weigh as little as two pounds. Videojournalist Keith Lopez has more in the video above.

  • Suspect shot after Long Island police chase: authorities

    HEMPSTEAD, L.I. — One suspect is shot and the other two have been taken into custody after a police car chase that spanned four miles and several exists on Long Island Tuesday, according to authorities. Police say he original incident took place in Hempstead, where a car with three occupants were fleeing on the Southern State Parkway. They eventually got off at Exit 15 and headed east on a service road, continuing to evade police.  They hit three cars on […]

  • Dog joins Nassau County school staff to help special needs students

    ALBERTSON, NY — It was a celebration on Long Island Wednesday for the Henry Viscardi school’s newest addition. His name is Sunny and he is a 20-month-old yellow Labrador retriever. The school believes this friendly face will make the school a happier place for some special need students. Sunny is the first school facility dog on Long Island that has been placed by the Guide Dog Foundation. His daily tasks include greeting and saying goodbye to students, motivating students and […]

  • New program simulates drunk, drugged driving like never before

    Hundreds of teens received a life saving lesson at one Long Island high school today. They were introduced to the dangers of drunk and drugged driving through innovative technology that school officials hope will save their lives. PIX11 video journalist Keith Lopez has the story.

  • Long Island man nearly dies from vaping THC

    LONG ISLAND — Six deaths have been reported in connection with vaping and a Long Island man says he was nearly death number seven. Now Jonathan Doneson, 52, is urging teens to stop vaping. He was admitted to North Shore University Hospital in August with pneumonia. It started with a cough that sounded strange. Doctors said Doneson was not responding to the antibiotics and his fever was getting worse. They later learned Doneson frequently vaped THC. The medical team combined […]

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