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  • Teaching confidence and poise at the Ballroom Palace on Long Island

    Roslyn, L.I.—They may be young, but they have poise, grace and style. And they can waltz their way around a dance floor better than some adults. Elegance is just some of what they teach at the Ballroom Palace in Roslyn, Long Island. “There are a lot of benefits, but I think communicating with each other. I think that’s a great skill that they can use for the rest of their life,” owner Irina Boubnovskaia said. Irina opened the ballroom studio […]

  • College student who is blind is awarded technology that helps her navigate around campus

    Garden City, L.I.—Jessica Karim is a freshman at Adelphi University. She picked the school on Long Island because of its size and beautiful campus. She is also the only student at Adelphi who is completely blind. “It’s been really, really interesting. I came from the School of the Blind. There’s one in the Bronx. There were 150 of us, and everyone knew everyone . So coming in to Adelphi, I didn’t really have the advantage of most people, where it […]

  • Long Island man creates stranger safety awareness program to teach kids how to stay safe

    Holtsville, L.I.—They are our children. Innocent and trusting. And that’s just what a potential abductor hopes they will be. But Matt Barbis is trying to change all that, by teaching kids how to protect themselves, with his stranger safety program called The Rose Brucia Educational Foundation. “When you’re with your parents, you have your parents protection, guidance. It’s when you’re alone that that becomes the issue,” Barbis said. The foundation is named after his grandmother, Rose. But it was the […]

  • Mr. G learns what it takes to be a member of the Long Island Vegetable Orchestra

    Brookville, L.I.—Strike up the band. You’re listening to the sounds of the Long Island Vegetable Orchestra. It’s the brainchild of Dr. Dale Stuckenbruck, a music professor at CW Post on Long Island. It was a project for Dale’s students, to try to engage them more in music. He brought the vegetables to school and realized it was a viable thing. Thirteen years later, and the orchestra has played at various libraries, schools and fairs. They’ve been featured on The Conan […]

  • Social media baking campaign teams up with nonprofit to raise money for metastatic breast cancer research

    NEW YORK—Shari’s mom, Judy, was an amazing chef and baker. Even throughout her six year battle with metastatic breast cancer, her daughter says it was the cooking and baking that kept her mom going. “Even when she was really sick, she loved having people around the table and sharing that food. You know, food is love,” Shari Brooks said. When Judy passed ten years ago, Shari was given her recipe books. Wanting to do something to keep her mother’s memory […]

  • How Baked By Melissa built an empire, one bite-sized cupcake at a time

    NEW YORK—Melissa Ben-Ishay wasn’t always the founder of a cupcake empire. She started out in the advertising industry as an assistant media planner. “I got fired from my job because I wasn’t very good at it, because I wasn’t passionate about the work I was doing. I went to my brother’s office, crying. He said go home, bake your cupcakes and we’ll start a business together,” Ben-Ishay said. She did what her brother told her, making the tie-dye cupcakes she […]

  • Long Island first grader has the talent to become the next ‘Bob Ross’

    Huntington, L.I.—More than two decades after his passing, he’s still inspiring artists. But a little boy from Long Island may have the natural talent and ability to be the next Bob Ross. Meet Noah, a first grader, who, in his spare time, loves to paint. Noah’s mom said she noticed her son’s natural gift a few months ago, when it was the only thing that would keep his attention. So she brought him to Art in the Word, a neighborhood […]

  • College program helps Bronx teen who suffered family emergency find a school that best fits her needs

    NEW YORK— She always keeps her phone in her bag while doing community service. But one afternoon, earlier this year, she took her phone out to find dozens of missed calls. That was the moment Isamar Morillo learned her mother had had a ruptured brain aneurysm. Luckily, she survived, but suffered temporary blindness and required a couple of surgeries and months of rehab. “I was very upset. Like I said, I was an only child and Iived with her my whole […]

  • SHARE helpline brings experienced support to American women living with breast or ovarian cancer

    NEW YORK—Dedicated and experienced support for women diagnosed with breast or ovarian cancer. That’s what’s promised by the staff and volunteers at SHARE. Victoria Goldberg is one of those helpline volunteers. She’s also living with metastatic breast cancer. “I had a ten year break between my early diagnosis and my stage four diagnosis. I had thought that was something completely in the past, but it didn’t work out that way, unfortunately,” Goldberg reflected. She came to SHARE after her cancer […]

  • Kids at college prep school in Manhattan are learning life lessons through dog training program

    NEW YORK—Meet Flint. He’s a 6-year-old Kerry Blue Terrier. And he’s great with kids. Flint and his owner, Barbara, work with kids and teens who have special needs or need theraputic help for social, emotional or learning disorders. “They get such a sense of positive feelings, good feelings about themselves as people. That’s pretty important,” Wolf-Dorlester said. But on the day I met up with them, they were working with a group of kids from the Trevor Day School in […]

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