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New pet owners get great deals on Black Friday

Soho, MANHATTAN — Black Friday has a whole new meaning at Best Friends Animal Society Lifesaving Center, as so many dogs and cats are being matched with families with no adoption fees.

There were long lines at the Best Friends Adoption Center on West Broadway.

The Graham family has been waiting for close to three hours to adopt the dog of their dreams. They waited until Black Friday when the adoption fee, $350 for puppies, $250 for older dogs, kittens for $125 and cats for $100 is waived.

“We came across the website about the Black Friday deal,” Tranazia Graham, a mother of two from Throgs Neck, The Bronx, told PIX11 News. “We thought the money that we could save, we could then spend on the dog, save money and save a life,” she added.

Eight-year-old Kashif had his heart set on a puppy but the adoption counselor thought four-year-old Shortstack would be a better fit for this family. During the holiday season, when more people come in for deals on a family pet, counselors are extra careful to make the best match. Only 30 percent of those on line will actually go home with a new pet.

“At events like this, we don’t find the return rate to be any higher than on a normal day,” Mallory Kerley, the Best Friends Animal Society Marketing Manager, told PIX11 News. “We will always take an animal back, but this event brings in more people, which means more adoptions, which means more animals we can take in and save more lives,” she added.

Amy Linares fell in love with Catelyn, a sweet cat, to be a companion for the older cat she already has in her home in Coop City.

“I feel excited. I bought a new addition to my family,” Amy Linares, now an is er if two cars, told PIX11 News. “ I hope my cat enjoys her as much as I will,” she added.

And for the Grahams, pure joy as Shortstack is added to their family.

“I am overwhelmed and so happy. I can’t wait to bring him home,” Tranazia Graham told PIX11 News. “But first We’ll take him to the groomer groomer and spoil him at Petco,” she added.

So for the Graham family and so many others a happy ending on this Black Friday as Shortstack is heading to his forever home.

Upcoming holiday promotions at Best Friends Animal Society Lifesaving Center are scheduled for December 13th and December 21st where adoption fees will be reduced to just $25.

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