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Midtown hotel receptionist speaks out following racist, unhinged rant

MIDTOWN, Manhattan — The racist and unhinged rant caught on video took place in the lobby of the city club hotel.

According to a lawsuit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court, the woman going off is 41-year-old Michelle Rajacic.

Rajacic is heard calling the receptionist a "dirty f*** hood rat," "ghetto", and using a racial slur.

"You just work here. I'm paying you... actually my boyfriend's family is paying you," she yells.

Linda Shell, the 36-year-old receptionist, somehow kept her cool.

"She demanded that I give her a key to someone else's room. Well, you know what if you're going to come to a hotel, id is required."

"Your credit card is not an ID."

"No, it's just my f** credit card and it has my name and it's on the f** room. I know your f** ghetto ass may not know that."

"I'm not from the ghetto."

"I kept making sure to call her ma'am cause I'm not going to lose myself because you lost yourself. Kept trying to be polite but the more polite I got, the more upset she got," said Shell.

"Once she hit me, it gave me the whiplash effect. She broke two disks on my neck, which I have a scar from."

Police arrested Rajacic and she was convicted of third degree assault but to add insult to injury, Shell alleges following the attack the hotel comped the woman a room for the night, so she quit her job.

"They were comped their room as if nothing ever happened. They were comped per my general manager"

The hotel denies that claim, saying they only offered Rajacic's male companion a room for the night because of the police investigation, even though Shell's attorney points out both that male companion and Rajacic live in the New York metro area.

"The woman never returned to the property," the hotel told PIX11 News in a statement.

"At no point was she given a comped room. We cooperated fully with the police investigation. The city club never welcomed her back."

While the incident took place in April of 2018, Shell just filed the lawsuit this week, seeking physical and emotional damages from Rajacic

"She thinks she was a status above," said John V. Tait, her attorney. "She thinks she's above and can talk down to people we're gonna show her that's not the case."

According to Shell, all could've been avoided. In fact, she says Rajacic had her id on her but chose to only show a credit card.

City Club Hotel was not named in the lawsuit. Linda says she has left the service industry because of the incident.

Ms. Rajacic has 30 days to respond to the lawsuit.

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