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G Thing: Glee the golden retriever spreads joy and happiness across the country

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MIDTOWN — It is no secret dogs make people happy.

Now, one New York couple is spreading joy and happiness throughout the country with their golden retriever, Glee.

Jared and Jen Krasner, Glee’s parents, quit their jobs and decided to go into the business of happiness with their dog Glee.

“We brought her to 12 cities across the country. The idea is to talk about how dogs can unite us and bring us happiness.”

People flock to Glee when they see her. Jen says that’s an amazing thing to see because they’re really helping bring out the goodness in people.

Jared says Glee connects with people and in turn helps those people connect with others.

“I think there's a deep connection with dogs that just breaks through all the daily craziness.”

And to help people get through the craziness, Jen and Jared have created GOLDN,  which is a free text messaging system to help you bond with your pup and be a better pet parent.

Glee is going to be giving out free cuddles in several places in the tri-state area! Check out her Instagram page.



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