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Howard gives Uber driver a lift

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Eriberto “Eddie” Pena enjoys being an Uber driver. He says he can make his own hours and it allows him family time.   But he had a big problem with the company.

Uber is making good on some overcharges.  Since 2014 it took its cut from drivers on their gross instead of the net.  So it agreed to reimburse them.

Eddie says he’s made thousands of Uber trips in the two-and-a-half years he’s been driving.  But he got an email from the company saying it was giving him two dollars.

Yes, two dollars.

Eddie called Uber and he told them he's only getting back $2. 

Howard asked  if he explained that he’d done thousands of documented rides so how could he only be getting two dollars?

Uber's response to him: "that’s a different department.”

Eddie was getting nowhere fast.  So the driver contacted us.  PIX11 emailed Uber and got a response in a few minutes.  They said they’d look into Eddie’s case.  And a few days later, he received an email saying he’d get another $2,654.92.

Uber had sent him the two dollar update before they told him about the larger payment.  And Eddie let other people drive his vehicle so Uber had to break down those numbers.

In any case, Eddie is happy and was good enough to drop me off at PIX11 so I could get back to work on some other problems.

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