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Police crack mysterious egging case after 85-year-old’s house pelted over 100 times in a year

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EUCLID, Ohio – Albert Clemens Sr. is breathing a sigh of relief after a baffling string of egg attacks finally led police to the alleged culprit.

Police arrested Jason E. Kozan and charged him with felony vandalism after he allegedly pelted Clemens' Euclid home more than 100 times.

Clemens has lived in his house at Wilmore Avenue and East 210th Street for more than 60 years – but more than a year ago something strange started happening when several eggs slammed into the side of his house.

It was the start of a troubling pattern.  Several times a week – sometimes more than once on the same day – someone hurled eggs, produce and canned goods at his home.

"The accuracy is phenomenal," Clemens Sr. told "Because almost every time when it's nice weather and they launch five or six of these at a time, they almost invariably hit the front door."  The noise from an egg slamming into a wall or his front door would often wake up the family, sometimes well after midnight.  Winter brought some relief for the family as the barrage slowed because of the cold, but the frequency would inevitably return with the nice weather, police said.

It got so bad that at one point that Clemons, 85, said he gave up cleaning up the mess.  The damage caused by the  is estimated to be more than $5,000, police said.

Even with the help of police and surveillance cameras, the family couldn't identify the culprit, until now.  "Once it got out of hand, we were asked by our chief to take over the investigations," Knack said, and two detectives were assigned to the case.

Knack wouldn't specify exactly what led them to Kozan, but he did say evidence found in Kozan's old house – which was located across the street from Clemens' – led to the arrest.  Police have been in close contact with Clemens' family, but neither the victim nor the suspect has given any possible motive for the obsessive egg attacks.

"When someone robs a bank, it's financial; when someone kills a lover it's emotional," Knack said.  "We just don't know why someone would spend so much time throwing eggs at a house."

Kozan is now awaiting trial after posting a $2,000 bond.


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