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Monica Lewinsky’s black negligee, letters signed by Clinton up for auction

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The auction features items related to Monica Lewinsky’s affair with former President Bill Clinton. (Nate D. Sanders Auctions)

(PIX11) — Letters, a black negligee and other items that belonged to Monica Lewinsky during her 1990s affair with former President Bill Clinton are being auction off this week.

Nate D. Sanders Auctions opened bidding on the items on Monday. The 32-item collection, which included letters that were written and signed by Clinton, could fetch an estimated $25,000 to $50,000 before bidding ends on Thursday.

“Items owned by Monica Lewinsky, especially relating to the Clinton scandal and Ken Starr investigation are exceedingly rare,” Nate D. Sanders said in a statement. “This is, to my knowledge, the only collection of this nature to come to light.”

The collection was submitted to Special Prosecutor Kenneth Starr, who investigated the Lewinsky affair that eventually led to Clinton’s impeachment.

The items were turned over to Starr by Andy Bleiler, the married one-time lover of Lewinsky’s who was having an affair with the former White House intern. Bleiler was Lewinsky’s high school drama teacher.

Lewinsky’s and Bleiler’s relationship came to light during this investigation. The items are being auctioned off on behalf of the Bleiler’s former wife, Kate Nason.

The items do not include perhaps the most infamous piece of evidence in the case; Lewinsky’s stained blue dress.

Other items up for auction include:

  • A collection of letters and cards
  • Boxes of White House M&M’s
  • Various clothing items given to Bleiler’s wife, Kate Nason, from Monica Lewinsky

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