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Lionel: The nobility of PETA

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  • Anonymous

    We need Peta? What we DON'T need are ill-informed extremists protesting against animal-based research that provides our society so many benefits to both humans AND animals, when the animals are well-cared for in institutions that are HEAVILY regulated by both federal and state agencies. If you want to do good for animals, get your facts straight first, then go after the people who are truly harming them.

    Signed a lab animal veterinarian, who is doing her part to protect the welfare of animals used in research, while allowing that research to go forward for the good of all society, with no help from Peta

  • Moe

    Bravo, Lionel! Thank you for your support of PETA. Just because we can dominate animals doesn't mean that we should or even have the right to. Thank you for telling the world what I've thinking for years.

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