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Diabetes death rate hits all-time high in NYC

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NEW YORK (PIX11) — According to a new report released this week, diabetes-related deaths have hit an all-time high in New York City.

The staggering report released by the city’s Health Department, claims that in 2011,  5,695 deaths in the city was the result of diabetes.

Despite the overall death rate in New York City on the decline, diabetes-related deaths appears to be skyrocketing.

The report makes the claim that one person dies of diabetes-related causes every 90 minutes in the city.

New Yorkers may =now= want to think twice when it comes to Mayor Bloomberg’s campaign against sugary drinks like soda.


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  • balletmom

    My husband has diabetes and sugary drinks did not cause it.. Each person has a responsability to watch what they eat and how much they consume.. Bloomberg is just too full of himself so No not thinking twice about his dumb campaign….

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