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Penn Station ramps up security after Amtrak terror threat

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More than 500,000 people travel through Penn Station everyday, and, after a recent terror plot that targeted Amtrak trains between Toronto and NYC, security is tight in the busy Manhattan transportation hub.
Riders may or may not notice all the security measures, but at any time there are dozens of MTA police, Amtrak police and National Guard officers on patrol in Penn Station.  Not to mention security cameras that seem to be everywhere.
Recently, a plot to bomb or derail trains that run between Canada and
NYC put authorities on high alert. In a statement, company said, “Amtrak
is working hard to protect America’s Railroad….Through a
multi-layered approach. Amtrak uses enhanced security measures to make
it harder for those who seek to harm our passengers, employees, and

In late April authorities apprehended two suspected Al Qaeda terrorists planned to blow up a commuter train leaving Penn Station in New York, bound for Canada.  The men were identified as Chiheb Esseghaier and Raed Jaser, and their alleged plot was broken up by Canadian Mounties.

Terry Davis, who was visiting for the week, was impressed by the security in NYC.  “I have been to Boston, Orlando
and this Rail System is the best I have seen, the dogs, the checking
of the bags.”
One passenger who spoke to PIX11 said, “It is an amazing place, I feel safe
especially seeing all the National Guards here.”

Another woman said, “I actually never see security here but then again, I am not looking.”

PIX 11 will go behind the scenes with the National Guard on May 23
during “Operation Rail Safe”  it’s when all the agencies come together
and double check the safety measures already in place and see where
they can improve.

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