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Fighting a transit ticket: Can you win?

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A subway rider gets a ticket for jumping the turnstyle. She takes on the MTA and the transit ticket by arguing her case.

Here’s how it all turns out after a hearing at the Transit Adjudication Bureau (TAB) in Brooklyn disputing the $100 citation.

Cassidy Arkin explains the process and the paperwork she had to get together (including a printout proving she had been using an unlimited metrocard).

The MTA says the number of summons decreased 1.8% from 113,200 to 111,200 summonses in 2012. The TAB received a total of 88,600 payments in 2012, a decrease of 4.7 percent from the 93,000 summonses issued in 2011. Total revenue for the year fell by 2.5 percent from $8,544,000 in 2011 to $8,334,00 in 2012.

Here’s how the MTA explains the bureau: “TAB is responsible for processing summonses issued to individuals who have been alleged to have violated one or more of the rules governing conduct in the use of subway or bus facilities. Violations are issued by NYC Police Officers and/or NYC Transit Inspectors who enforce the Rules of Conduct. The Rules of Conduct include violations such as fare evasion, smoking or interference with the movement of a transit vehicle. ”

Click here for The Rules of Conduct and associated fines.

Click here for Guidelines Governing Proceedings Before The  Transit Adjudication Bureau


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