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Connecticut gun store that sold rifle to Adam Lanza’s mom loses license

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Nancy Lanza, 52, was a gun enthusiast.

(PIX11) — A Connecticut gun store that sold a rifle to the mother of Newtown massacre gunman Adam Lanza has lost its federal firearms license for good.

The store, Riverview Gun Sales in East Windsor, had its license revoked in December by the  Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives during the investigation of the Dec. 14 massacre at Sandy Hook Elementary School, the AP reports.  The shop had sold Nancy Lanza a Bushmaster AR-15 rifle, the AP reports, citing a source. It was not clear if it was the same Bushmaster used in the massacre at the school.

“It’s been revoked,” ATF spokeperson Deb Seifert told The Journal News. “It’s final at this point.”

Guns used by Adam Lanza were rarely locked up: report

Adam Lanza

Nancy Lanza was Adam’s first victim, gunned down in her bed before Lanza set off to Sandy Hook elementary, where he shot and killed 20 children and six adults with a .223 caliber Bushmaster AR-15 before using a Glock  handgun to kill himself.

ATF did not reveal why it revoked the license.  The store, owned by David LaGuercia, has stayed open, selling gun-related equipment, according to The Journal News.

LaGuercia has not commented on the license revocation, but said in December that he was cooperating with investigators. “There is nothing more devastating than the loss of a child,” LaGuercia said then, according to the AP.



  • Barry Pockalolo

    Piss off the commissars in Washington and they will destroy you. Never mind that the sale was perfectly legal.

  • Brian

    Yet another news outlet that DOESN'T research anything. NO .223 WAS USED TO KILL ANYONE IN THE SCHOOL, ONLY HANDGUNS.

  • Bill

    What did the gun store do illegally to loose it's license ? Who was correct on reporting of which guns were used, the Police or the news media? The Police reported the "AR" was still in the trunk when they arrived at the scene and the gunman used two auto pistols. The news media said the gunman used an "AR" to cut children in half, who are we to believe, the Police who are trained to deal with terrible situations or the media who are out to get a story?

    • Stephen

      The original statement was the AR was in the trunk. Official reports, if i'm not mistaken, ended up stating that it was a shotgun still in the trunk, and that the AR was found a long with the hanguns, with the AR having done most of the damage during the shooting. Either way, the real problem is news outlets rushing to put information online before sources have had time to validate the information. They report the first thing they hear, while there's still confusion about what is really going on.

  • Fubar

    As usual, the government says who and what to print. There is no freedom of the press. If you are American, all you are supposed to do is pay taxes and kiss the illegals ass. King Obama can go to HELL. OOPs, he is not Christian, he does not believe in hell, except for what he puts us through.

  • sean

    funny that the bushmaster wasnt even used in any of the killings in school… video of the car search proves the bushmaster was in the car

    • Stephen

      What video? The video i saw that showed an aerial view of a long gun being cleared from the trunk of the car showed what looked to me like a semi-auto shotgun being unloaded. It definitely wasn't a Bushmaster XM-15 in that video, as the officer was clearly operating a slide on the side to clear the weapon. A Bushmaster XM-15 is operated by a pull from the rear, just like any other AR-15.

      If there's another can you link me?

  • Mr Merciless

    What an absolute joke! As are the people of Newton that are sensationalizing the event, using it as leverage, looking for special treatment and worst of all,trampling on the little angels graves! Shame on you!

    • Douglas M

      Sensationalizing the event!!!!!! You are an idiot if you think that what happened was an event, this was a tragedy, and I wonder what your reaction would be if your own child would have been one of the victims(performers, in your sick mind) in this such "Event" in your sick mind once again.

  • rusty

    Another typical left wing move to take the guns away from law abiding citizens… Blame the store not the criminal/shooter?
    Anal Jack-asses….

    • Stephen

      If I was to guess, I would guess that while investigating the transaction for the Bushmaster, they stumbled across something else, possibly not even related to the Newtown shooting, that caused them to revoke that license.

  • dan

    Do writers even research their articles anymore? East Windsor Connecticut is about a 90 minute drive from Newtown. It's nowhere "near" Newtown

  • Jeremy

    I can understand if there was wrongdoing on behalf of the gunshop owner, though there aren't facts to support or deny that. If the license was revoked just to appease the anti-gun advocates and try to make victims families feel better (no offense to any of the families and victims, I feel for all of them), then it is wrong. Just as a car salesman can't possibly know that a car he sells will be used in a crime later on, a gun salesman following all laws, rules, and regulations can't possibly know if a certain gun will be used in a crime.

  • Scott

    This is ridculous! Is the government going to shut down Ford,or chevy cause their trucks were in a wreck that killed someone?

    • Ted

      Yes you ARE a putz. Fuck the ATF? Why? If they pulled this guy's license for no reason he would be fighting it. PErhaps they know more than you do? Hmm? You want a gun to make u for your tiny wee-wee? Idiot!

  • Henny B

    East Windsor to Newtown is 65 miles. Does not meet the definition of "near". Typical libtard media with no thought to investigate.

  • Gabe

    If they have rovoked this guy gun license, then they may as well for all the mass shootings that has happended in US history. How is one to know that a gun sold years ago would be used in a mass killing??? It's the government wanting to take control.

  • DAG

    So what law did the shop owner exactly break? The seeds of 1984 are being sown. You have been warned!

  • Logic

    Obviously none of these gun loving idiots lost a child in this horrible tragedy. The whole "you can pry my gun out of my cold dead hand" mentality has got to go. Its too bad we can't blame their stupidity on Obama.

  • Bill

    Guns do not kill people, people do! When will libtards understand that crazy criminals do not obey laws?

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