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Protesters target Newtown gun lobby after ‘twisted’ radio ads upset residents

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(NEWTOWN) – More than 200 protestors of the Newtown Action Alliance showed up Thursday afternoon in front of the offices of the National Shooting Sports Foundation.

They peacefully protested until the sun disappeared over the horizon. The rally came together to create awareness for safer gun laws.

Throughout the communities of Sandy Hook and Newtown there are still haunting reminders of what happened on that horrific Friday morning last December.

The hurt is still there.  It will be for years.


They peacefully protested until the sun disappeared over the horizon. The rally came together to create awareness for safer gun laws.

As many reflect, others are shifting to the politics of gun control.

The National Shooting Sports Foundation, also known as NSSF, is considered by many as the second most powerful gun lobbyists in the nation.  Last week the Newtown based NSSF released a pro-gun radio ad in Connecticut.

The NRA followed-up with robo-calls a few days later.  Those calls included calls to families impacted in Sandy Hook.

NRA robocalls upset Newtown residents

Many Newtown residents were disturbed by NRA robocalls that began just three months since a lone gunman armed with a military style semi-automatic assault rifle murdered 20-schoolchildren and half a dozen staffers at Sandy Hook elementary school.

The reason? Legislation.

The Connecticut Assembly is expected to introduce a bill in early April for what the Speaker is touting as perhaps the strongest for gun safety legislation in the nation.

Congress is also expected to vote on the first significant gun safety legislation more than a decade next month.

Darren Wagner is a former cop and father of two who is the victims liaison for Newtown Action Alliance.  He’s marched in Washington D.C. recently to get the message out and like many others he is still coping. Admitting to PIX 11 News that he is in counseling after the events.

The NSSF would not make itself available for any interviews, but did send PIX 11 News the following statement, “We respect the rights of all citizens under our First Amendment to express their opinions in public.  We all share the goal of wanting to help make Connecticut safer for our children and all our citizens. That is why we have been speaking with legislators to promote practical measures that will effectively address the central issue of keeping firearms out of the hands of those who should not have access to them.”



  • Monoxide

    It seems gun control will have to be put to the voting booth. The politicians can't make any progress so the voters should make these decisions for them. Let the people decide, not the government, coorporations, or lobbies..

  • CTcitizen

    I was there …200 ppl, nearly HALF (because they reacted to get out there, not advance-planned or it would've been more) of which were pro-2A. You can tell because there are American flags (funny, isn't it?) Antis rarely carry a flag. They just hold signs.

    • PEZ

      There 110 NAA protesters and 64 counter protesters supporting the NSSF. The Newtown Action Alliance do not seem to know NSSF support universal background checks.

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