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Rush Limbaugh insanely misinterprets new Beyonce song, says she urges women to ‘bow down’ to husbands

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Beyonce’s controversial new single “Bow Down/I Been On” has not only ruffled feathers with fans but apparently a one Rush Limbaugh.

Yea, we know — Rush actually listens to Beyonce?! Crazy, right? (If you haven’t heard the song, take a listen here.)

In the aggressive new single, Bey sheds her women empowerment tone and takes on a more combative tone with haters and supporters, alike:

“I know when you were little girls / You dreamt of being in my world

Don’t forget it, don’t forget it / Respect that, bow down bitches

I took some time to live my life / But don’t think I’m just his little wife

Don’t get it twisted, get it twisted / This my shit, bow down bitches”

Many have interpreted the song as Bey proclaiming she’s the Queen and always will be, despite her short hiatus. Furthermore, she demands all “bitches” to bow down. It seems simple and straightforward but apparently not to Limbaugh.

The conservative radio host recently went on a full blown rant where he not only gave us a lesson in Beyonce history but insists the song conveys the message that women everywhere need to forget about the long-fought women’s movement and “bow down to their husbands.”

“She got married, she married the rich guy, she now understands — she now understands it’s worth it to bow down,” he said in his insanely inaccurate – and extremely sexist – interpretation.

We don’t know what is worse: Rush Limbaugh attempting to interpret a Beyonce song, the fact that he effortlessly slathered an unmistakeably chauvinistic view on a non-chauvinistic matter considering his history, or the fact that we are spending time trying to dissect his dissection of a Beyonce song.

It appears, we all lose this round America.



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