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Syracuse man cuts through tracking cuffs; kills mother, rapes child

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SYRACUSE, NEW YORK (PIX11)–  Officials in Syracuse are trying to figure out how a man was able to cut off his police monitoring cuff, abduct and rape a child then kill her mother.

Cops say David Renz, who was already charged with possessing child pornography, abducted the woman and her child as they left gymnastics class at a suburban mall.

Renz allegedly drove the victims to a rural area, stabbing the mother to death before assaulting the child.

The little girl escaped and was helped by a passing car.

Police caught Renz nearby

Renz is charged with first degree rape, kidnapping and murder.



  • Mike

    That young girls life is ruined. Death would be to good for this piece of garbage. He should be slowly and methodically tortured to the point of death, and then brought back to suffer some more. I would love to spend some alone time with this guy.

  • Esco

    Seems those monitors need to be hardened some more or cancelled all together opting rather to keep the offender incarcerated. Those bracelets are a joke..

  • Brian

    disgusting, waste of human skin. he is society gona realize sex offenders are the only type of offender that is 99.9% likely to re offend.No matter the "treatment" these pieces of crap get. Angry and disgusted. Kill them all. They ae of NO USE!

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