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Tourists intimidated by Metropolitan Museum of Art admission policy

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And they filed a lawsuit? Three visitors and one resident of New York are suing the museum saying they did not understand the museum’s “pay-as-you-go” policy. Really?

As part of a deal with the city (which supports many museums), the museum must have some days and times when admission is by donation.

The Metropolitan Museum of Art has posted signs with a recommended admission of $25. In the fine print, the details are explained. The museum has said they are complying with the city’s requirements.

This story inspired an artful discussion.

by Pablo Mockasso

What is art?

The Mockalisa

What is Art?



  • Kevin

    This is a good question for the MTA.Why can't they put up railings on the platforms and the trains stop at the openings?Like at Disney tram/light rail.

  • B. A. Kananaugh

    I give them 25 cents and get in OK, that's just about what
    they are worth as for modern artists to even try to get into
    their collection, the Met is in bed only with the few chosen commercial art galleries
    who politic their own artists & smooch with the curators, and keep it a closed club. so just 25 cents is it.

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