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Woman banned from gym for talking on her iPhone

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More sweating – less talking.

A Boston woman is angry after being kicked out of her gym for talking on her cell phone.  Tina Santoro Asmar claims she got an urgent call from her doctor while working out on a Planet Fitness elliptical machine in Dedham last Thursday, according to the Boston Herald.

The gym’s manager approached the woman to point out the “no cell phones” sign posted all over the facility.

When told to hang up – she refused, and became hostile, according to management.  Asmar, however, said it was the manager who was “very threatening.”

The ‘no cell phone’ policy is strictly enforced to prevent perverts from snapping photos inside the “judgement-free zone” while others work out.  Asmar also claimed she couldn’t leave the workout room because she had her iPad plugged into the machine she was using.



  • chakotay

    Another case of , the rules apply to everyone but me, because I am so important!. Your house is on fire or a sudden death are the only excuses for ignoring the ban. Nothing is so darn important..

  • Guest

    She could have stepped out if it was such an emergency. But sounds like since she was a repeat offender she either has a really sad life filled with house fires and family death or she doesn't think the rules apply to her like Chakotay said.

  • Angie

    If she's healthy enough to be working out at the gym I highly doubt the call from her doctor was urgent! And if she was expecting an important call from her doctor maybe she shouldn't have been at the gym in the first place. People just say whatever they want to make excuses for themselves and try to not look guilty. And I don't get why her ipad being plugged into the machine stopped her from leaving the area, ummm…unplug it. Absolutely I agree she should be banned.

    • April

      Snap judgments should also be banned. Just because someone "appears" healthy doesn't mean that they aren't ill. It also doesn't mean that her doctor isn't also that of a child or parent. I know of plenty of SERIOUS health conditions and/or tests that don't stop people from working out and would also warrant answering the phone when the doctor calls. How it was handled would certainly be of some debate. On the flip side, maybe she wasn't really sick. No one but the woman really knows.

      • Mary

        We run into this all the time. My daughter has half a heart and can't be in the heat or cold for more than short periods. So when we park in a handicap spot with our handicap parking sign and we get out of the vehicle because she can walk and looks normal we get a lot of dirty looks. We've even been accused under peoples breaths "It's probably their sicks grandparents handicap sign". All because she doesn't look handicap. It's bullshit. But her excuse that she couldn't leave because of her iPad was plugged into the machine was lame. You can unplug it and walk out while on the phone.

  • liesel

    Cell phones SUCK sometimes. I have one, but its only for emergencies still. People I work with are on them all day…and that pisses me off!

  • Shawn

    I go to planet fitness, and they have plug ins on the elliptical machines for iPhones, iPods, and iPads. I am pretty sure all of those devices have cameras.

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