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Lionel: Transhumanism and Google Glasses

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  • DisgustedByHonda

    Lionel, you are a very big "hombre". why not comment on Honda?
    46,000 casualties including 8,000 soldiers killed at Gettysburg and Honda uses the Gettysburg address to have a little fun. I wonder how the Japanese people would feel if Hiroshima and Nagasaki were used for their little infantile car promotion. What a total disgrace and illiteracy by Honda marketing to deal with something so solemn in such a disrespectful manner.

  • Anna Bird

    Lionel … YOU are a genius. You articulate the nonsense of man …. you verbalize my agony over the state of mankind. For years I have loathed Apple & the socially accepted addiction for their products. I continue to be astounished with the mass co-dependency of cell phones, texting … being 'connected'. Lionel I love your naming of this phenon … Techno Fascism. I wish I could have a poster of your evolution of man. Someone pull the plug on this madness

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