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Writer wears mantyhouse (pantyhose for men) for a week

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  • Paul Duane

    I guarantee that every one of you know at least a few men that secretly wear women's underthings, but will never tell a soul. Sheer tights / pantyhose just happen to be the most semi-practical and thus marketable item. I'm a guy that wears them regularly as part of my own unique style:

  • Hosed Dude

    Ive worn stockings and pantyhose and tights since I was 30 on a regular basis not only does it feel good to have your private parts supprted, it provides vascular relief for those of us who have edema in the feet and ankles and well its pretty hot looking too. Get over it, just because a guy likes the feeling of being constrained with the hose, or warm from the tights, or relief from edema doesnt mean they want to dress like a woman but some do and so what.

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