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Nassau County shovels out and powers up after the storm

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NASSAU COUNTY, LONG ISLAND (PIX11)- Nassau County is in a lot better shape than Suffolk County after the snowstorm.

Fewer people lost power which was the biggest concern for residents.

But that hasn’t given the workers who drive the plow and sand trucks a break for the night.  They say they will work through the night, re-filling their trucks with sand to ensure Nassau’s roads are safe.

Aside from the roads, most folks in Nassau County took advantage of the snowy conditions on a Saturday.

Earlier in the day, we caught up with a group of Nassau County high schoolers jumped at the chance to shovel in some cash.

Joe Gallago, 17, of Plainview said, “We got up at 7am this morning and we’ve been making money all day.”

“Luckily for us, people came by to shovel and I’m happy to pay someone to do that for us,” laughed Michelle Sigicano of Plainview who says getting the driveway shoveled is the only thing she has to worry about since the heat is on at her home.

“We usually lose power, this neighborhood goes out a lot, we got lucky, I had firewood just in case,” said Sigicano.

As the kids are shoveling the sidewalks, plow trucks are scraping the streets.  Snow drifts grew in size on either side of the roadways.  PIX 11 saw cars with more than a foot of snow on the windshield, as wipers poked through.

Two ten-year-old girls squealing over a snowball match with neighborhood boys say they couldn’t be happier.

Sidney Sigicano said, “I love how much snow we got because we just get to play like all day.  But the sun makes us afraid the snow was going to melt.”

That won’t happen anytime soon, which is good news to the hundreds of kids enjoying the nearby hill at Mattlin Middle School.

Across the street from all the fun, is a more serious situation.  A woman was driving down a side street when she spun out and slammed into a snow drift.  The woman is fine and her car suffered minor damage.

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