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Boy faces suspension for building Lego gun

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A 5-year-old boy in Massachusetts may be suspended from school for building a gun with his Legos.

Joe Cruz made the toy gun at his after school program.

He was sent home with a letter threatening a two-week suspension.

The school superintendent says Joe was chasing other kids with the gun while making shooting sounds.

The Cruz family says school officials are overreacting, but those officials claim they’re just trying to create a culture of respect in all their classes.



  • L.P

    The boy was using his imagination. Most boys play cops and robbers etc. What ever happened to giving warnings, and/or having him play with other toys such as a puzzle, or play dough. We are suppose to nurture our children but instead we are so afraid of the world we live in everyone becomes a criminal before they have a chance to be free.

  • L.p

    I think the teachers should have explained to the boy that his behavior was inappropriate for school (especially in today's society). He's only 5, why not see this situation as an opportunity to teach him about the dangers of guns, such as how they "hurt people." But in all I'm not surprised as a mother of school age children, I've seen children get suspended for such small things. Suspending a 5 year old, only punishes the parents, and confuses the child.

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