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PIX Poll: Feathers ruffled over nuisance geese killing plan

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GeeseA plan to get rid of geese in Scarsdale has animal rights activits in an uproar.

The town board not only wants to kill the birds, they also want to use the meat to help feed the hungry.

What do you think about killing geese that are a nuisance? Should those geese then be fed to the needy? Or is this a ridiculous plan?

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  • Jennifer G.

    The geese aren't a nuisance, they are a bird native to North America who have every right to live in peace, and there aren't very many at the Scarsdale pond anyway.. Most people enjoy geese at parks and ponds & lakes. It's absurd to even consider slaughtering and feeding our cherished wildlife to feed anyone. Scarsdale officials should be ashamed for even considering such a plan with MANY local residents are furious about. Scarsdale officials simply need to make a plan to clean up goose dropping, enforce no-feeding rules, and modify landscapes around the pond if necessary to deter geese from congregating in certain areas. No one wants empty lakes, ponds or parks–wildlife is an integral part of our environment, it's time to learn to share our landscapes with geese and other wildlife. Wasting lots of our tax dollars on wildlife slaughters is a disgrace.

    • Heather Leigh

      Exactly people dont kill their kids because they poop. This is insane! I am ashamed I ever looked for a home in the neighborhood near there. I would nt move to that place now if my Life depended on it! The pond with the Geese was one of the things I found lovely about it. And I definitely dont want to live next to an old women like in that News story saying she hates the Geese with a capital H. I would shoot myself or offer myself up to feed the homeless if I had to live next to such negative busybodies! This is absurd!! This shouldnt even be an issue!!!

  • s. wenk

    There are ways to live in harmony with nature. We can't kill everything that feels inconvenient. Please let these lovely creatures live in peace.

  • Trista

    Nuisance? They’re geese. They’re living peaceably in a pond. Leave them be and focus on truly important things.

  • Guest

    Leave them alone! All they want to do is eat, drink, and find a safe place to rest. Don't hurt ones that already exist in this manner! How disgusting! There are non-lethal methods to use to keep them from having more babies. However, if they get rid of these geese more will just come in their place so how stupid is this idea?!

  • Krista A. Briggs

    Killing innocent wildlife and using the meat to allegedly feed the homeless is simply a PR ploy on the part of the Town Board in Scarsdale to make the slaughter of innocent geese socially acceptable. If public officials in Scarsdale are sincerely interested in the plight of the homeless, why not organize a food drive and leave the geese in peace. It’s a win-win on all levels. But the bottom line here is that the Town Board is more interested in doing away with what they consider to be unsightly — innocent creatures of nature, and probably homeless persons sleeping on the streets is Scarsdale as well.

  • Heather Leigh

    I was looking for a Home out of the city and this exact spot is where I thought I would LOVE to Live. The houses are lovely and this pond won me over. I thought how wonderful it would be to walk to it with my dog and watch those beautiful Geese. Now I would NOT move there if you paid me. Why is it the first thing people say when they want to kill animals is its because of Disease/Infection? Please show us documented proof of such. I grew up on a farm and had every animal you could dream of around me I never once got sick. Geese included. Poop is the culprit. I watched the news story the ones like the woman who exclaim she hates the Geese with a capital H is a busybody. What is the solution – Kill every living creature. This is insane I cant believe I have to even respond to something like this. Coming into to Brooklyn too and killing the Geese the way you do. Shameful I am embarrassed for you. What nest a Goose concentration camp and mass graves??? Hitler mentality here. It is sad we have rapist child molesters and mass shooting in school and here we are worried about some geese that have a right to live just like us. There is a Pond Expect Geese!!!

  • David

    Killing the geese will clear the area temporarily, but time and time again subsequent to goose roundups, geese repopulate vacant desirable habitat. a long term resolution is needed. this unfortunate plan can be avoided by making a commitment of Simple steps, such as cleaning up the grass, and making landscape modifications. The fear that geese defecation poses a threat to human health is not based on scientific evidence. Killing the geese is inhumane and counter to public opinion, it’s bad for the kids too, and not how the residents of Scarsdale want tax dollars spent.

  • Rebecca Floyd

    This is disgusting! We have plenty of food to feed our homeless without inhumanly killing the local wildlife. It is very arrogant for a few people to arrange for these killings without letting the community know what is happening!

  • Kyrie

    This idea is ridiculous and cruel. Canada Geese are intelligent birds who mate for life and take wonderful care raising their families. They pose no threat to humans. For those who feel it impossible (for their own selfish reasons), to live near these beautiful birds, there are many humane methods of abatement.

  • C. Vasquez

    First, we are the custodians of nature. As purportedly sentient beings, we have it in our power to find solutions without destruction. Second, this is a problem of abundance and arrogance: geese feces are upsetting to golfers and the like. Third, if the geese are destroyed using chemicals (i.e., gas), I posit that this renders their meat inedible and thus, the pretense about feeding the poor and hungry a mere sham to cover an uncreative, easy "solution". Scarsdale certainly has the wealth to apply to preserving wildlife in addition to indulging in its many other riches.

  • Mijo1990

    Ignorant people making ignorant decisions. We're overcrowded with people so why not shoot or gas all of us? People are destroying the earth NOT the beautiful and innocent animals…so stupid

    • Mary Castrovilla

      I thought of this also! It would help the local economy! Instead of iving the money to paid federal MURDERERS the USDA-WS, which BTW is under congressional investigation for iits cruel, inhumane methods.

  • Patricia Montgomery

    This is outrageous to kill our wildlife over feces! The community needs to stand up and protect their wildlife! Killing these geese is not the answer, more will come.

  • Pam

    A native North American bird flocking to an area in North America is a nuisance because people cannot walk in grass or sit on a bench? I believe we humans got this wrong once before. The geese belong here and provide zero danger to the public. On the occasion of seeing injured wildlife I have called Animal Control to see what could be done for the animal, and every single time I have been told that since they are wildlife nature must take it course. In August 2010, The Westchester SPCA's Law Enforcement Division was seeking information on a case where a car deliberately ran over four Canada Geese because the intentional killing of an animal is considered animal cruelty. Am I to assume Village of Scarsdale is allowed to stand above the stance on wildlife, not allow nature to take its course, and commit animal cruelty by intentionally killing these animals? There are better ways and Scarsdale knows it.

  • Pam

    Additional comment: Does the Food Bank of Westchester really want to serve meat where the animal sustained itself on drink from the Bronx River and fed on grass that is littered with runoff?

  • K. Lismore

    The plan to kill off geese and then justify it by feeding the remains to "the needy" is indefensible. When human development and the natural rights of the animals we share the planet with conflict, we need to find humane and civilized ways of responding to the situation–since it is often a situation we have contributed to ourselves. Shame on anyone who thinks just indiscriminately killing off what is bothersome is the right thing to do.

  • Mary Nevins Costa

    Why not have volunteers from the local shelter take dogs on much needed walks and they will clear the geese away in a humane way. They need the exercise and the geese won't be around constantly. Simply solution. Killing two birds with one stone! Okay, not a good expression to use in this post. I've reviewed all these posts and the common theme is this, many people moved there because they liked this country-like serene setting. What happens if you take the geese away? Just another park. Scarsdale had a rep for being snooty – surprised they didn't suggest making fois gras? (slepping?)

    • Marion Ambler

      I don't think that's a good plan…..shelter dogs are not trained herd dogs and they shouldn't be encouraged to chase birds anywhere anytime particularly if they end up being adopted by someone. There is absolutely no good reason people can't coexist with waterfowl in a pond and if everyone thought it was such a great idea to let their dogs chase the geese the birds would be constantly terrorized. they may as well be dead rather than live a life where they get no peace.

  • Laura

    The circle of life isn't just a Disney song. Our ecosystem is based on interdependence of species. History reminds us that human manipulation of animal population has had rippling effects among other species and their shared environment.

  • Pat

    The Geese were willing to live with humans while the humans paved over their homes. Why can't the humans be as kind to the Geese?
    Mankind is the nuisance.
    The geese should not be fed to the needy.
    This is a beyond ridiculous plan.

  • Kim

    I am a resident of Scarsdale and would not want to imagine this pond and the Bronx river without geese. I was just at the pond today. The gazebo did not have a single goose dropping. But even so, we have plans in place to clean litter from streets, ice from sidewalks, cigarette butts from beaches (talk about disgusting!), and pet waste from the ground, why not implement plans to clean goose poop? There are machines, such as the Nature Sweep to clean it from fields and compost it. Town personnel can maintain paths and benches. And if overpopulation is a concern, there are humane ways to do that such as oiling eggs and contraceptives that can be put in bread. Habitats can be manipulated too—let grass grow longer and geese don't like it, for example. And feed goose meat to homeless??? Please! If they are gassing the geese to death, that would contaminate the meat. And wouldn't the meat be contaminated already with pesticides from lawns, heavy metals, and toxins? Scarsdale certainly has the resources to deal with this problem humanely. Let's hope they stand up and do the right thing.

  • Marion Ambler

    we have tons of permanent resident Canada geese in Vancouver, BC and they have never been a problem. I have no idea what is going on with people in Scarsdale. You have a pond that attracts waterfowl….that's nature. If you don't like the birds drain your stupid pond and built a roller skating rink or something else unnatural to suit your odd fancies.

  • Marion Ambler

    "The best remedy for man's total lack of understanding of natural harmony lies in giving children as much contact as possible with live animals." Konrad Lorenz, Nobel Prize winning Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist

    "Most people seldom encounter anything but lifeless, man-made things in their daily lives and have lost the capacity to understand living things or to interact with them. THAT LOSS HELPS EXPLAIN WHY MANKIND AS A WHOLE EXHIBITS SUCH VANDALISM TOWARD THE LIVING WORLDS of nature that surrounds us and makes our way of life possible. It is an important and worthy undertaking to try to restore the lost contact between human beings and the other living organisms of our planet."….. Konrad Lorenz, Nobel Prize winning Austrian zoologist, ethologist, and ornithologist

  • PattyA

    "Kill first and ask questions later." Is that political policy in Scarsdale?

    Apparently, our society has not had enough of violence as solution to annoyance, inconvenience and not getting our way.

    I live near one of the most prestigious parks in the world — Central Park.

    For years, Central Park has humanely managed and even welcomed and protected Canada geese. It is one of the few parks in NYC that has NOT been subjected to a hedious USDA goose roundup.

    But, apparently Scarsdale would rather fashion itself after the lowly places that now live in infamy due to their unpopular goose massacres. Places like Prospect Park and Westchester.

    Low bar of standards for this so-called, "affluent" community.

    Scarsdale apparently no better than some mud ditch trailer park. Presumably, cousins are marrying each other.

  • R. Guadagna

    Save some $$$$ on this idea,
    Geesebusters New Technology
    invented a patented and very effective, humane method of scaring all nuisance birds.
    In 2003 I designed an "animal scaring device" configured as a predatory bird. Using a three-dimensional eagle, the device will turn in a "prey seeking" circular motion. Canadian geese, seagulls and other problem birds recognize the predator as real, and immediately flee the target area.
    After a little conditioning, geese will avoid the area, seeking safer grounds. What ever bird you want out, you target. It's that simple, our method exploits the bird's natural fear of an aerial predator and this inborn fear will cause the birds to leave permanently.

    This natural patented method overrides any bird deterrent that's out there today!!

    No other methods are needed to be used with my patented "animal scaring device".

    Here is a link to an interview with Time Magazine back in 2009

    R. Guadagna owner Geesebusters

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