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PIX Poll: Feathers ruffled over nuisance geese killing plan

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GeeseA plan to get rid of geese in Scarsdale has animal rights activits in an uproar.

The town board not only wants to kill the birds, they also want to use the meat to help feed the hungry.

What do you think about killing geese that are a nuisance? Should those geese then be fed to the needy? Or is this a ridiculous plan?

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  • Linda

    I agree KILLING CANADIAN GEESE IS WRONG,Last week I saw two guy working on golf course walk up to a nest with goose sitting Ono nest. They were swing clubs to scare the goose away from nest, the other goose fly over to fight the two guys,but the. Two guys chase the two geese away ,then they walk over and destroy the eggs. I was so mad.It was so sad to see the female mourn over the eggs. I called the wildlife and try to report it. I believe. They give permit to destroy the geese. I was so upset that no one cares.They said Carolina Trace in SAnford,N.C. I believe THe wildlife protecting agency is double minded. But then I thought about if I see a roach or snake(snake eggs) I am going to kill Them,so maybe I shouldn't Judge. Maybe, Me and my husband enjoy feeding &watching geese,ducks birds,..My n husband had caught posseum& raccoons in cages,but he takes them to a safe place to let them go loose.

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