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SHOCKING VIDEO: Several people injured after PATH escalator suddenly reverses during commute

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All three escalators at the Exchange Place PATH Station in Jersey City are out of service after a one of them suddenly reversed during the Monday morning commute, injuring five.

That means a long walk up and down for commuters while the Port Authority tries to figure out if Hurricane Sandy had anything to do with Monday morning’s surprise reverse ride malfunction.

The Exchange Place PATH station escalator took dozens of street-level-bound commuters on an unexpected express trip back downstairs in reverse — and at high speed.

“It was scary, it stopped, next thing you know we were going backwards (and) I actually went head over heels,” said¬†Andy Wilczek .¬† “I was actually toward the bottom of the escalator.”

Alex Rodriguez caught the rush hour tumble on his cell phone from the adjacent escalator.Escalator

“It must have been going in reverse four times the speed of what it normally does. That’s a really big escalator. So it was a ton of people. And I think when it’s something you’re not really expecting, the first thing that comes to mind is panic. And that’s exactly what we saw today”, said Rodriguez.

Port Authority officials spent Monday night telling commuters they would not have a smooth ride to and from the PATH train while technicians worked on the out of service escalators.

If you recall, this and so many other transit stations were under water after hurricane Sandy rolled in, and with repairs underway the Port Authority is also trying to determine if water-damaged electronics contributed to the mishap.

For PATH riders it’s going to be a long walk through at least Tuesday morning. “My wife tells me it’ll be safer and better for my health, so I’m gonna do it,” said evening commuter Gary McCready

Port Authority officials say five commuters were injured in this morning’s pile-up. Bumps and bruises, some back and neck pain. Fortunately, there were no life-threatening injuries, just a lot of scary moments.

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