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Harlem man beats grandma and cop; says voodoo is to blame

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Dominic Anderson allegedly beat his grandmother and a police officer under the influence of vodoo.

Dominic Anderson allegedly beat his grandmother and a police officer under the influence of vodoo.

Mary Anderson chose not to show her face for most of our interview, but her story is clearly one of a woman caught in the middle of an unfortunate family dispute between her son and her own mother.

“My son is a good kid. He holds the household in. I don’t know  what…I think somebody in this household is doing something to my son,” said Anderson.

Police say Mary’s son, Dominic Anderson got into an argument Wednesday morning with his grandmother 62-year-old Beverly Holmes.

The argument allegedly led to Dominic, who reportedly has a history of psychiatric troubles, beating his grandmother with a broken off plastic ivory tusk from an elephant statue inside their Harlem apartment.

“She was doing some kind of voodoo on my child. Yes, and we found a doll and his picture in a closet,” said Anderson.

Anderson says she has also had a rough relationship with her mother and claims she has been tormenting the family with voodoo for years.  Beverly Holmes allegedly picked up voodoo rituals as a child from her own grandmother, who was born in the Bahamas.

Police say it took six responding police officers to subdue Anderson, and that he also hit one of the officers over the head with the plastic elephant tusk.

Anderson’s grandmother is in critical condition, the officer was treated at an area hospital and released.

Dominic Anderson is being held for psychiatric observation.

Anderson’s cousin, who did not want to give us his name, said “this is definitely not how we wanted to bring in the holidays, or the new year. This is definitely not the way.”

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