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Question of the Day: Will allowing teachers carry guns make schools safer?

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Good morning! Here’s our Question of the Day: Texas Gov. Rick Perry supports letting school districts decide whether to let teachers and administrators carry guns on campus. Do you think this could help make schools safer?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below. Your response may be read on air!



– “Perry: School districts should decide on arming teachers

– “Oregon State Rep. Proposes Arming Teachers To Prevent Shootings

– “Arming teachers is gun-rights legislator’s goal



  • Kathy

    Yes. After 9/11 security in schools have been increased that you can’t just walk in but anyone with a weapon can get by. If we had armed security at our doors and administrators were allowed to carry the kind of thing that happened on Friday could be avoided. There will always be evil out there and banning will not stop anything. We have a right to bear arms and defend. Our forefathers made sure of that.

    • maria montalvo

      I don’t think that’s going to solve anything I’m a mother if 6 kids victim of domestic violence, a victim of harricane sandy, now Wats nextI refuse to b a victim of someone with agun the GUNS need to he off the streets I don’t feel saf sending my kids to school who can assure me IRS going to b safe not knowing there can be someone testing to copy cat this horrible nightmare MY TEARS AND GEART GOES TO THESE FAMILIES I DON’T KNOW HOW IT FEELS BUT I CAN IMAGINE THE PAIN IT’S HARD NOT TO HAVE ANSWERS OF WHY IYR LUTTLE ONES PLS B STRONG and teachers carrying guns to me NO

  • kecia

    I don’t think that will solve the problem. If teachers carry guns to school what will they be showing the kids that its fine to carry a gun because other people do it? Teachers set an example for our children. I wouldn’t want my child teacher to carry a gun to school.

  • Monica- NJ

    Stricter gun laws? Teachers carrying firearms? No! This country needs to fund mental health facilities and research. That is why all of these tragedies are occurring, not the weapon used.

  • Jim McKenna

    Guns don't belong in school. There are many ways of creating a safer building for our kids to learn, like card access system,metal door, bullet proof doors, CCTV system. Gun accidents can only occur where there is a gun present.

    • Richard Rivera

      I agree, this would be the best and safest way. Schools will say that costs money, but i as a parent would gladly donate what i could financially to help. Im an electrician and i would gladly donate my time to hook up any security systems that would protect my Children

  • Richard Rivera

    Make the school inaccesible to unauthorized people. Strengthen doors to keep people who dont belong out. Make it so classrooms can be closed off by the teachers so noone can get in.

    • Karen

      God bless everyone in Sandy Hook. The school did make itself inaccessible. It's a fact that anyone wanting to gain entry had to be buzzed into the appropriately locked doors of SHES. Apparently, the killer shot his way in through a locked glass door. So, if you are advocating unbreakable (plexi-) glass and/or half steel doors, then I agree with you. What I'd like to see are panic button based alarms that give everyone time to get into any room, before the room doors lock themselves. It works in prisons, why not in schools.

  • Mike

    Teachers should concentrate on teaching. I do believe that the way we have air marshalls on airplanes each school should have one undercover "school Marshall" . This person must be in plain clothes not in a uniform.

  • Corey

    What happens when a teacher or security guard is crazy and kills kids? Guns have no place in school. Don't try and put a band aid on it. Fix this problem at the root of the evil.

  • Frank M

    Thats got to be one of the stupidest ideas from another moron polititician. Let's put weapons in schools, really? Isn't that what we are trying to avoid? Let the police do what we pay them for don't make their jobs harder. Thanks for your input Rick Perry, what a dope.

  • Vicky

    I think teachers should carry gun in school to protect themself and the children if not they should put in all school metal detectors and make sure that school security be more aware of who come in they school always ask for Id even if they know the parents or have security cameras in all directions of the school before anyone enter the school my heart goes out to all the parents that lost they kids in newtown ct

  • James Winstanley

    Gun-free zones do not work. They simply make it easier for lunatics to go in and start shooting knowing that they will not encounter any return fire. Better training of the school security, and a couple of armed undercover security officers would make any gunman think twice before going into a school with the intent of causing murder.

  • Harry Wilson Jr.

    No! most people in this country believe this or not do follow the law and are good people. The 1 percent of people who commit crimes and are mental need help not to be put in jail or druged up but we as a country can't help anyone because all our money for that goes overseas to help others. Bring the troops home and our money !!! A GUN HAS NO PLACE IN SCHOOL

  • ana

    NO, teachers carrying gun in school will just add to the problem we have already…Schools should be a safe place for our children not a war zone….Every school in the United states should be equip with new safety technology much necessary to keep our children and staff safe from harm…I worked in city schools , I seen whats going on , I have taken gun off the children's hands…Please the albany administration or who ever is in charge must step in and act fast instead of so much talking and nothing being done….time to stop playing with our children's future…..

  • Maryann

    School should be a safe place for our kids .. Gun in school it's a big no . But some school are not safe for our kids .. Do u hear wat goes on in school with d teachers and kids .. U thinking of giving teachers gun. .. Some teachers are worse than animal to young kids ..

  • Susan

    No gun in schools . School should close there doors after school bell .. I go to my daughter school d front door is open u just walk right in .. So anyone can walk in at any time . D guard is just warming d seat .. People need to start doing There job at d school .. That goes for teachers and all d others .. All school should be safe for our kids .. Go to queens c d school doors open . . I work in Long Island some of d school here d doors close as soon as 9am. U have to buss to get in .. That is what all school should do . . Teachers and helpers or everyone working in schools should respect our kids ..

  • Karen

    The American people need to start standing up in greater numbers to make changes in the laws of our country! The est. population of the U.S. in 2012 is 314,959,000. We need to tell our judges, senators, congressmen and representatives that we DEMAND an end to public possession of assault weapons! HAS THE WORLD GONE MAD? Why is it o.k. to sell war artillery online and in retail stores. And have you seen the "doomsday" reality shows on t.v. There are people in the U.S. who own bazookas! Really!!! Please wake up people! Don't start worrying when a member of YOUR family is gunned down.

  • Angel

    If the government doesn’t change gun laws, schools just have 1. Police presence all day 2. All classrooms should have bullet proof doors, so the teachers can easily close them and keep the kids safe. 3. Make all the doors “double entry doors”, so if someone in the office has suspicions about someone they can lock them in the vestibule and preventing someone entering the second set of wired glass doors. Lastly, BAN all assault rifles!

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