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Heroic teachers gave up their lives as they shielded their students from gunfire

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NEWTON, Conn.(PIX11) — In the middle of the violence and chaos, there are stories of heroism emerging.

Many of the teachers used quick thinking and bravery to save students when gunfire erupted.

At least three teachers lost their lives trying to save children.

One of those was Vicki Soto, 27, who put herself in the line of fire.

According to authorities, when the shooting started, she gathered the children in her classroom and took them inside a closet. Her body was found huddled with the children.


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  • glenn decker jr

    They came to teach, they came to learn.

    Knowledge is what they yearn.

    It is not in a book, nor in a text.

    But courage is what they saw next.

    Lesson plans brushed aside,

    Come kids, come run and hide.

    Protecting your children was a must.

    They did so with no fuss.

    Lives were taken before their time,

    In our hearts they will shine.

    Let their souls be at ease,

    For even God is on his knees…

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