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Manhattan family desperate to find missing girl

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Ten days after their daughter disappeared, Nelida and Alberto Rivera of East Harlem are devastated.

“I don’t know what else to do,” sobbed the girl’s mother, “This is too much. I can’t do this no more.”

While she may look older, Noemi Rivera is only 12 years old.  She was last seen in Morningside Heights last Monday, on West 109th Street between Manhattan and Columbus.  She went to school then walked a block away to her grandmother’s apartment.


Ten days after 12-year-old Noemi Rivera disappeared without a trace her distraught parents are calling for help

Evelyn Perez, says there was nothing different about her granddaughter that day.  Noemi came and went like she always does.  “She was very happy, very happy. And she just walked out the door and I just told her, I would see her tomorrow and that was the last time I saw my granddaughter.”

Around 5:30pm that night, Noemi left her grandmother’s apartment and her normal routine would be to walk down West 109th toward Manhattan and grab a bus across town to go back home.  Her parents normally pick her up at that bus stop but on that day, last Monday, she wasn’t there.

“I waited for her, like 35 buses passed, nothing, nothing.  My husband came down, we waited, five more buses passed, nothing. We knew, we felt it in our hearts something was wrong,” said Noemi’s mother Nelida.

Her parents reported her missing.

“Her things are just the same way she left it,” said Nelida as she showed us her daughter’s room, adding, “Her clothes, everything, her bed is same way she left it, her quilt, sneakers, everything.”

Police say they initially designated her as a runaway based on written messages Noemi supposedly sent to family members via Facebook, saying, she was never coming home.

Her parents think someone else is writing those messages.

“It is not her I know it,” said Nelida, shaking her head.

Family members have spent every day since November 26th, posting hundreds of flyers but they have not produced any leads.  Instead, they say, they got threatening phone calls from people demanding ransom.

“They ask for $10,000 then $50,000, then the stuff they say is so disgusting,” said Nelida.  “It’s a little girl, just a little girl!  She still plays with dolls.”

The NYPD says Noemi’s case is now with the Missing Persons Unit and they are actively investigating it.

Noemi’s father Alberto told investigators he believes his daughter is being held against her will and they both fear the worst, especially with how much time has gone by.

If you know anything about Noemi’s whereabouts, call Crime Stoppers at 800-577-TIPS.



  • evelyn rodriguez

    Please we beg u help us find her she my baby gurl her parent r goin crazy not know about her. Noemi Rivera is my world we need her we love her please pray for her safe return Noemi is everythin a parent can want she sweet she everythin I love her wit all my heart BABY GURL WE PRAY FOR U HOPE TO SEE U SOON LOVE TITI NECA

    • rosaida

      My heart goes out to you and your family Evelyn. I've posted massages and shared your story in hopes that it helps you get your little girl back. I'm praying for you and your little girl strongly. Que Dios te vendiga

  • Claire

    They should have called Facebook to se if they could track where the signal from the message ce from that day. The message on facebook had to be transmitted from somewhere, and she is a minor and this is and investigation. Did they check for the signal of her phone? Did they check the cameras of near by stores and traffic lights? Correspond with the time she left her gramdmothers. This is her routine and she is a pretty and young girl, meaning seobe could have been observing her for a while waiting for an opportunity. Ask her friends if she mentioned anyone creapy looking at her. I will pray for your family, because I know your minds are racing. I would definitely question people inthe area ask if they have cameras.

  • Daisy

    My prayers to this family I am so worry I my self have a 13 year girl that she don’t look her age I worry for her on her way to school and back from school I just hope that your girl comes back home soon I started to. Cry hearing the news about her she so young hope that where ever she at or if someone have her against her will to let her go no child any age should be with out there parents

  • Vicky

    My prayers goes out to the family of the missing girl I hope she gets home safe and sound anyone out there she is young and innocent let her go her parents are worry I will be praying for her safe return

  • yahissa

    my prayers go out too ur family..yes i agree with the others response. check the cameras on stores traffic lights and all..some one must of saw something.track all her phone calls text messages and also her facebook and can hack it..hope she comes home soooon

  • Jose

    I pray and pray that we find u all I do is think about u being safe I cant even sleep just thinking she could anybodys little girl ur cousin joseito

  • gloria

    Omg when i saw this it broke my heart hope she be home soon and let this just be a dream god please bring her back nice a safe please:(;(

  • Ali

    I pray that she comes home safe & sound, my heart goes out to her family,& to one of my closest friends. I can’t stand to see you go through this nightmare my dear Catrina. Please don’t lose faith, god is good, & Hopefully Noemi sees how much everyone misses her beautiful smile, cheerful laughter. Marlice is praying for you to come home safe, there is not a day she doesn’t ask if you we’re found. Please anyone that knows anything or sees her, help her family bring her back home safely. Ali

  • Margarita Rosario

    Dear Lord,

    We ask of you,
    keep Noemi Rivera safe and sound,
    let no harm come before she is found.
    She is lost from her family,
    from the ones she love,
    return her home,
    and protect her from above.
    Place your loving arms around her today,
    guide her safely back home,
    to You this we pray.

    I Pray She Comes Home Safe….I will post her picture on my Facebook Page..May God Give You The Strength To Get Through This..

  • melissa

    I prey they find noemi and even though I haven’t seen in a while I know she is still that sweet caring girl that leaves an stamp in your heart even if its just one time you meet her from baby to now.she is very muched loved by family to friends.A sweet caring young girl. so please if any one read this that may be involved or even seen her please say somthing because she just a girl who need her mom and family so please please say if you seen her or if you heard any thing . NOEMI Love you and prey your safe and prey that u go home to mommy who loves you and needs you . love Melissa

  • melly8989

    ugh , i dont even know how this news reporter got through this ? !! i cant even stand the thought of this , please lord help this little girl now!! i couldnt get through this video without sobbing . i want u too know people all over NY are praying for your little girl . nobody should ever have to go through this . as far as facebook they should be sued and the site banned!!!!!!!!!.Parents please please please educate your children on these predators . i now god is with her and is gonna bring her home safe and sound ! i will be praying and watching. u keep it together , stay strong remember you live for her , shes a good girl and u will be with her soon

  • ramon a colon

    hey this is ramon colon roberto montanez stepson, tell angie robertos daughter that were doing everything here in ct by showing a link on facebook and even have la comay from puerto rico transmit the info…we are praying for her and the family……and for her to be found safe soon.

  • Alice Oglesby

    Nelida and Alberto I am Praying for you both in the hopes it wrll bring your little girl homeim gonna give you some ideas on how to look for her.!. call all of her friends and find out if shed said anythig about leaving also see if and one was stareing at her out of the ordernary.I pray with all my heart and to all facebookers keep your eyes open andif you see her contact the police.let them know where she is but DO NOT APPROACH HER.Im sure shes scared about talking to the law
    but thats the only way to get them off the street. when you do find her please let me know, im a mom as well and id go crazy if my son vaniashed

  • Sury

    I can remember the time we spend together with her family, the many times ive seen her, the innocent voice and her family needs her there. She has no problems with anybody, shes herself, shes the princess of the family and she loved by everyone. Shes knows it well so why run. What do ya want, together we’ll all give you whatever to bring her back. Love China.

  • Asc

    .. this is what she posted on facebook: Okay i never was in wagner i was in the taino

    this is some clues. i hope somebody finds her..

  • Asc

    my last comment was from the last status she posted. i don't know where she is at, but i hope someone finds her…

  • Asc

    her last status on facebook was november 26.. look at the comments.. this may help i dont know.. i hope she comes back home

  • ashley

    I hope ya find er soon she iz a beautiful lil girl god ur da oni one who noe were she at n who got er let her be safe frm watever dey tryin to do let them let her free i rly hope ya find er soon i dont noe her but i hav a child and i can imagine wat her parents are goin threw my prayers gose out to her fam

    • evelyn rodriguez


  • Melissa

    i dont understand no clues yet ? nobody working on this case hard enough , wat the hell is going on ? this is a 12 year old girl

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